One day more! Tomorrow is Election Day!

Election Day is tomorrow! 

If you want to help maximize our reach across the city, contact us to get some signs and lit to hand out in the many neighborhoods across San Francisco. 

This year has been amazing and I feel so blessed to have people come up to me on the Muni, and while canvassing in the Mission, Castro, North Beach, you name it. I have stood on corners, seen and met new friends, and shook hands with what feels like  everyone in San Francisco. 

Let's keep the momentum going by sharing the SFGovTV TV spot that I did with the League of Women Voters San Francisco. 

We will win this Election Day with your help! 

Thank you all,


🗳️Only 27 More Days Until Election Day!🗳️

With polls now open and only 27 more days till Election Day, local orgs like BiPol, the first and oldest bisexual political organization based in the Bay Area, statewide orgs like Evolve California, which works to increase education funding and to reform Proposition 13 through closing the corporate tax loophole, and national orgs like Trans United Fund, which is committed to building the political power of trans and gender expansive communities across the nation, have all given our campaign their endorsements.

Over the last few days we have seen the uptick of anti-trans violence with 22 trans women and gnc folks being murdered in the past year, our children being treated poorly and left out of active shooter drills for being trans, and as reported in a recent aggregated study with over 110,000 sexual minority youth represented, our bisexual youth were 4 times, and transgender youth are 6 times, more likely than heterosexual peers to attempt suicide.

As an out bi+ and trans father and educator, I see the writing on the wall. Without folks like Mia and myself stepping up for roles like the Board of Education, we won't see the change that we need in this world. If you are serious about protecting our trans and gender expansive youth, and building a school system that we can all be proud of, then join the wave of support for parent and educator, Martin Rawlings-Fein for School Board in 2018!

Will you help us with our sprint and commit to volunteer today?

🌊 Breaking News: Endorsement of Local, State and National Orgs! 🌊

With polls opening this Monday, the 8th of October, we have gotten endorsements from local orgs like BiPol, the first and oldest bisexual political organization based in the Bay Area gave our campaign it's sole endorsement, statewide organizations like Evolve Californiawhich works to increase education funding and to reform Proposition 13 through closing the corporate tax loophole, and national organizations like Trans United Fund, which is committed to building the political power of trans and gender expansive communities across the nation. 

The San Francisco November 2018 Voter Information Pamphlet is online NOW! I am on page 47, and I feel pretty awesome about being myself without pretense. As a parent and educator I always want to be a role model for my kids. I pick up my son after school every day, I go to my daughter's softball games, and we try to have dinner at the family table even with PTA and committee meetings.

These are things that working families deal with every day in San Francisco. How to schedule our lives around school drop-off and pick up times, sports games, and no matter what a school calls parent boards there will always be committee meetings. As I say in my statement, "I’ll bring my whole self to the challenges and opportunities around the assignment process, affordable housing, and supporting healthy school communities for all students." This isn't just printing on a page, because words still matter to our families, and we need people like myself to step up to the challenge. 

With just over a month left in this election please join the wave of support for my campaign by donating whatever you can to help from $25 to $500, sponsor a house party, fundraising event, or volunteer for the campaign in another way. We need transparent leadership, people who see problems, and find the way to fix them in new and innovative ways. For more information about my campaign visit my site, and you can also keep up with us on Twitter or Facebook.

With appreciation,

Martin Rawlings-Fein



🏃Still running, but the marathon has turned into a sprint!🏃‍♀️

Hello all,

Yes! I am still running for the San Francisco Board of Education, and I can't do this alone. I need your help!

Tomorrow is a big day for donations, as tomorrow evening is another pre-election deadline for funding. If I am one of your top candidates, please take a moment to donate today through my ActBlue page! Help push my campaign funds higher, and if you live outside of San Francisco, consider donating to help keep my campaign afloat and assist us to make the campaign expenditures for mailings and campaign lit!

Anything from $5 to $500 can help drive my campaign to another level of outreach. Please also consider volunteering for canvassing, hosting a house party or calling voters. Together we can do this!

*$500 is the upper limit one can donate in an election cycle*



A Response on Education

A couple days ago while heading to Rosh Hashanah services, I learned that one of the other candidates dropped out of the race for San Francisco School Board. People had been calling for Zhao to step aside for a while now while her personal views about trans people like myself evolved. When I was asked about whether or not I would "disavow" her at the Harvey Milk club, I said that I would rather educate her on trans issues than cut her off as many of my colleagues were quick to do from the stage.

Let me tell you why.

I am trans, a fact that doesn't get me clocked as much as my trans sisters, but can oftentimes get me misgendered when people want to make a point. My identity is not a wedge issue, but people try make it so when it’s convenient for them. Performative allies try to make it about their own candidates being supportive of trans kids, but trans identity all comes down to, for me personally, me being a man and others accepting that point. For trans children, their gender identity should receive as much dignity and respect as anyone else’s.

When someone says that they are, "not down with Zhao," it cuts her, as a paraprofessional, off from the education that I want to bring to the district on this and many other issues. I don't have the luxury of cutting people who do not get my transgender identity out of my life and disavowing them. For me, to do that would mean cutting many people I meet on the street out of a conversation. A conversation to educate. A conversation to change ignorance. A chance to make things for myself and others just a bit better than they are right now. Disavowing people who are evolving in their ideas would mean that we would lose potential allies, and yes, even the performative ones.

I thank Josephine Zhao for thinking about her past statements and halting her run for a position that impacts the youth of San Francisco – and education in the Bay. 

We have less than 54 days till Election Day, please support our campaign by donating just $25 and please share my Facebook page, my donation link and campaign website.

June 2018 Endorsements

Here are my Endorsements for June 5, 2018
(My picks are mine and do not conform to any particular club slate of endorsements. They may reflect the better I know a candidate or interactions we might have had. Please be respectful when commenting.)

U.S. Senate: Kevin de Leon
U.S. Congress #12: Nancy Pelosi
U.S. Congress #14: Jackie Speier

Governor: Delaine Eastin
Lieutenant Governor: Eleni Kounalakis
Attorney General: Dave Jones
CA Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
State Treasurer: Fiona Ma
State Controller: Betty Yee
Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond
Board of Equalization #2: Malia Cohen
CA State Assembly #15: Judy Appel
CA State Assembly #17: David Chiu
CA State Assembly #19: Phil Ting

Mayor: #1 Mark Leno and #2 Jane Kim (no #3 for me)
Supervisor District #8: Rafael Mandelman
Superior Court Judge #4: Phoenix Streets
Superior Court Judge #7: Maria Evangelista
Superior Court Judge #9: Kwixuan H. Maloof
Superior Court Judge #11: Niki Solis

Proposition 68 (Parks, Environment, Water Bond): Yes
Proposition 69 (Transportation Taxes & Fees Lockbox): Yes
Proposition 70 (Vote Requirement for Cap-and-Trade): No
Proposition 71 (Effective Date of Ballot Measures): Yes
Proposition 72 (Rainwater Systems Tax Exclusion): Yes

Regional Measure 3 (Bay Area Toll): Yes

Measure A (Public Utilities Bond): Yes
Measure B (Commissioners not Running for Office): No
Measure C (Tax for Childcare & Education): Yes
Measure D (Tax for Housing & Services): No
Measure E (Banning Flavored Tobacco): Yes
Measure F (Representation for Evictions): Yes
Measure G (Tax for SFUSD): Yes. yes, yes!
Measure H (SFPD Use of Tasers): No
Measure I (Relocation of Sports Teams): Yes

Get out there and VOTE! 

🏃 Just 300 Days Left in this Marathon 🏃

Thank you for being there to help with our fundraising this past month!

After the final count of all pledges received before the first of the year, we were able to bring $2550 in small grassroots donations!

I want to thank everyone for their support in that we were able to raise so much in such a small amount of time. We launched our campaign in the middle of the holidays and I couldn’t be prouder of my supporters and volunteers for helping us get to this time and place.

Now we have a marathon ahead of us as we win one of three open seats in November!

⛄ ❄ Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ❄ ⛄

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all--

Just a sampling of the amazing volunteers who help the campaign run

I can't tell you how blessed I feel that many of you came out to my kickoff to talk about our schools on Thursday! I am so proud to know all of you, and was amazed by the response to the news articles, as meeting new people is always a pleasure. See pictures from the fabulous event here.

I talked about my background growing up with strong female role models like my grandmother, who had an 8th grade education, my mother who got her vocational degree raising four children alone and earning of my degree from the GTU in Berkeley as a first generation graduate student. Through it all I found happiness in being an educator. Now after years of being a Jewish educator, an education director, a PTA member and a father of two children in the public school system, I feel I need to move forward and put myself out there to lead our district through winning one of the three open seats in November of 2018.

As a person from a background of poverty, I often find it hard to make the money ask, but it is an essential conversation to have when running for an office that is not publicly funded. If my friends and family across all my networks were able to donate just $25 we could make well beyond our goal of $10,000 by the end of the year.

I know that there are also superstars who can donate all the way to $500, which is the limit for my grassroots campaign.

Even if you can't afford the $25 and want to support this history making election, please share my Facebook page, my donation link and campaign website.

Let's make history together!

Martin Rawlings-Fein

Are You Ready for a Kick-Off?


​I’m an official trans, bi, Jewish, parent candidate for the San Francisco Board of Education in 2018! I am bringing all I have to win one of three open spots on the board. This run will be all about our school communities and how we can build bridges across our differences. I want to kick this off by asking you to join me and my family on the 21st!

This isn’t my first act as a candidate but it is my first big fundraiser and fun-raiser. I encourage you to contribute $25 if you can, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you can’t make it, go to my page and donate through ActBlue:

December 21st 2017 - Join us at 6:15 pm for light refreshments, for some community speakers, and bring your entire family. 

The short speaking program will start at 6:45 featuring Alex U. Inn, Gabriel Haaland, Don Romesburg, and I will talk about my goals for the Board of Education to top it all off! 

To donate, sign up to volunteer or just get in touch with me visit my website! Questions? Please email or call (415) 845-1157 

6:15 pm, December 21st, 2017 
At the SF LGBT Center
2nd Floor Room 204 - Auditorium

*ASL interpretation will be provided for the speaking program, for language translation needs email Martin

November's Unprecedented Election


Gavin Grimm with my family
What a night on Tuesday, there were historic firsts and some outstanding results. There were elections across the nation ranging from school boards to state lawmakers, where out and proud trans and gender non-binary folks ran compelling campaigns. Wednesday morning we heard reports of five, and now on Friday eight historic wins, which have given us hope for the midterms and declared candidates who are trans (and bi+ in some cases).

When asked for a quote to give the candidates who have inspired me to run, I said, "It makes me kvell that we have at least eight trans and non-binary candidates in today’s race from city council and school board to state legislature seats. I am inspired to run because of these leaders, may your runs have you cross the finish line well ahead of your competition," and they did!

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