November's Unprecedented Election


Gavin Grimm with my family
What a night on Tuesday, there were historic firsts and some outstanding results. There were elections across the nation ranging from school boards to state lawmakers, where out and proud trans and gender non-binary folks ran compelling campaigns. Wednesday morning we heard reports of five, and now on Friday eight historic wins, which have given us hope for the midterms and declared candidates who are trans (and bi+ in some cases).

When asked for a quote to give the candidates who have inspired me to run, I said, "It makes me kvell that we have at least eight trans and non-binary candidates in today’s race from city council and school board to state legislature seats. I am inspired to run because of these leaders, may your runs have you cross the finish line well ahead of your competition," and they did!

In 2018, I will run along with a large force of contenders for the San Francisco School Board. This group currently consists of at least one incumbent, a fellow trans sister, and a good number of politicos whose politics are all over the map. There are three seats on the Board of Education coming up for election and I am going to win one. I am excited to begin this journey with San Francisco by my side. 

I have taught in supplementary school since 2011, been a public school parent for the past eight years with kids currently in both first and seventh grade in two different schools, and I was a supplementary school interim director (principal) while earning my master's degree in Jewish studies during the 2015-2016 school year. I feel like the people of San Francisco are going to stretch the year of the trans candidate into 2018 and we will finally have trans elected officials. 

PS: Tonight I was able to have a chat with Gavin Grimm at a house party supporting his education, and we discussed his goals of becoming a teacher and my own San Francisco School Board run. Gavin endorsed me enthusiastically as a community member! This really touched my heart, knowing what he went through with his hometown school board. He is one of the most resilient young men that I have met in recent memory. May his life's work bring him great joy and great success!

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