🗳️Only 27 More Days Until Election Day!🗳️

With polls now open and only 27 more days till Election Day, local orgs like BiPol, the first and oldest bisexual political organization based in the Bay Area, statewide orgs like Evolve California, which works to increase education funding and to reform Proposition 13 through closing the corporate tax loophole, and national orgs like Trans United Fund, which is committed to building the political power of trans and gender expansive communities across the nation, have all given our campaign their endorsements.

Over the last few days we have seen the uptick of anti-trans violence with 22 trans women and gnc folks being murdered in the past year, our children being treated poorly and left out of active shooter drills for being trans, and as reported in a recent aggregated study with over 110,000 sexual minority youth represented, our bisexual youth were 4 times, and transgender youth are 6 times, more likely than heterosexual peers to attempt suicide.

As an out bi+ and trans father and educator, I see the writing on the wall. Without folks like Mia and myself stepping up for roles like the Board of Education, we won't see the change that we need in this world. If you are serious about protecting our trans and gender expansive youth, and building a school system that we can all be proud of, then join the wave of support for parent and educator, Martin Rawlings-Fein for School Board in 2018!

Will you help us with our sprint and commit to volunteer today?

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