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Why Run for School Board?

I am a proud LGBT (bi+ and trans) parent with deep ties to the public school system. I was born and raised in San Jose, Ca, and have been a lifetime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. Raised by a single mother, I have three siblings who have since spread out across California and Oregon where my mother finally retired.

I attended exclusively public schools through middle school, and multiple public high schools including Abraham LincolnGunderson  and after moving around during my freshman year I finally ended up at Prospect in Saratoga, CA. When I finally went to college I attended Berkeley City College due to their Program for Adult College Education (PACE) since I was already a working adult at the time and I finished my baccalaureate at New College of California. I went on to earn my master's degree in Jewish Studies through the Richard S. Dinner Center for Jewish Studies (CJS) at the Graduate Theological Union. I had career goals of becoming a rabbi, but then after some deep consideration I decided to run for the San Francisco Board of Education instead.

I have considered running for the San Francisco school board since my daughter began kindergarten, it was then I realized that the system was a shambles, while going through The Assignment Process for the first time. My wife and I called it the parent hazing and the moniker has remained throughout the three times that we have gone through the process. I support revamping the broken assignment process, and through that addressing the root causes of the Achievement Gap, assisting in the timely implementation of the Digital District Plan, and looking at ways that we can support algebraic learning in middle school within the Common Core State Standards.

I would also support revisiting a Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program that will truly engage neurodiverse students and bring those families that have left our school communities back to the public schools. I want to support educator salary increases and assist in building solutions to rising housing costs across San Francisco. I also want to create avenues of engagement and communication between faculty, students and parents, and work towards clear communication of positive trans and gender non-conforming policies, including bathroom signage and student rights district-wide.

I hope that you will join me in bringing common sense ideas and progressive values to the San Francisco Board of Education!
Martin Rawlings-Fein
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    June 2018 Endorsements

    Here are my Endorsements for June 5, 2018
    (My picks are mine and do not conform to any particular club slate of endorsements. They may reflect the better I know a candidate or interactions we might have had. Please be respectful when commenting.)

    U.S. Senate: Kevin de Leon
    U.S. Congress #12: Nancy Pelosi
    U.S. Congress #14: Jackie Speier

    Governor: Delaine Eastin
    Lieutenant Governor: Eleni Kounalakis
    Attorney General: Dave Jones
    CA Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
    State Treasurer: Fiona Ma
    State Controller: Betty Yee
    Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara
    Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond
    Board of Equalization #2: Malia Cohen
    CA State Assembly #15: Judy Appel
    CA State Assembly #17: David Chiu
    CA State Assembly #19: Phil Ting

    Mayor: #1 Mark Leno and #2 Jane Kim (no #3 for me)
    Supervisor District #8: Rafael Mandelman
    Superior Court Judge #4: Phoenix Streets
    Superior Court Judge #7: Maria Evangelista
    Superior Court Judge #9: Kwixuan H. Maloof
    Superior Court Judge #11: Niki Solis

    Proposition 68 (Parks, Environment, Water Bond): Yes
    Proposition 69 (Transportation Taxes & Fees Lockbox): Yes
    Proposition 70 (Vote Requirement for Cap-and-Trade): No
    Proposition 71 (Effective Date of Ballot Measures): Yes
    Proposition 72 (Rainwater Systems Tax Exclusion): Yes

    Regional Measure 3 (Bay Area Toll): Yes

    Measure A (Public Utilities Bond): Yes
    Measure B (Commissioners not Running for Office): No
    Measure C (Tax for Childcare & Education): Yes
    Measure D (Tax for Housing & Services): No
    Measure E (Banning Flavored Tobacco): Yes
    Measure F (Representation for Evictions): Yes
    Measure G (Tax for SFUSD): Yes. yes, yes!
    Measure H (SFPD Use of Tasers): No
    Measure I (Relocation of Sports Teams): Yes

    Get out there and VOTE! 

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    🏃 Just 300 Days Left in this Marathon 🏃

    Thank you for being there to help with our fundraising this past month!

    After the final count of all pledges received before the first of the year, we were able to bring $2550 in small grassroots donations!

    I want to thank everyone for their support in that we were able to raise so much in such a small amount of time. We launched our campaign in the middle of the holidays and I couldn’t be prouder of my supporters and volunteers for helping us get to this time and place.

    Now we have a marathon ahead of us as we win one of three open seats in November!

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